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This podcast to accompany the Kib’ trecena in the Maya Count of Days Horoscope blog for Aug. 12-24, 2021 begins with a brief review of the “fire close to the earth” and “twinning” ideas that are aligned with this timeframe and its patron energies. This ties in with such things as the wildfires, conflicts, and other earth traumas and changes Read the full article…

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Smoke, fires, guidance, renewal – there are many key words that could apply to this time frame. As much as British Columbia and the Western U.S .are being forced to grapple with the “smoke and fire” part of this equation, renewal appears to be taking place on many other fronts as well. This podcast to accompany the Ok trecena in Read the full article…

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How did we come to this? Canada hanging its head in shame over the abuses inflicted on its First Nations people during (and since) the colonial era (symbolic of so many similar situations and attitudes, and causes, that can be found worldwide). White supremacists marching through Philadelphia on the eve of the 4th of July. Is it possible to trace Read the full article…

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Two cycles since the sham of an impeachment trial in the US; two cycles since the first person in the US was diagnosed with Covid-19. We are back again in the Maya Calendar energy zone that was sometimes seen as a “time of testing”, a zone that can help to determine the “trajectory” of the world, in terms of its Read the full article…

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A podcast to accompany the K’an trecena in the Horoscope blog, which is oriented around the idea of “Germination” within the mythological creation sequence. This podcast touches on many of the topics included in the Maya Count-of-Days Horoscope blog for Oct. 4-16, but includes additional material as well.  This 15th podcast was published shortly after the trecena (13-day period) began. Read the full article…

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