We offer a variety of jewelry styles, including porcelain, silver, and silver/porcelain combinations. The imagery is based on the twenty basic days in the Maya Tzolk’in (Count of Days) as well as other hieroglyphs. To find out which of these twenty hieroglyphs represents your birthday click here for a Date Decoder. Further information can be found in our Maya Calendrics section. In addition to the twenty basic days you can also order a personalized silver pendant, for the very specific date of your birth. If you were born on an Ik’ (Wind/Breath/Spirit) day, for example, you would have a choice between an Ik’ pendant, or a personalized Ik’ pendant, such as One Ik’ (as shown here in this One Ik’ example). Each of the 20 days has 13 possibilities. Personalized (non-calendrical) pendants are also available. All items are hand crafted. Many of the procelain pieces are both glaze fired and lustre fired, with iridescent detailing. All porcelain items are one-of-a kind.

Please allow 24 hours for response to an order. Delivery time for custom orders will depend on the complexity of the items. Custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Packing and handling charges are included in the price. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout. If you experience any difficulty with the shipping calculator please contact us and we will calculate manually. All prices in Cdn currency. All sales final.