In 2010 a dramatic event in Chile held the world’s attention for over two months, culminating in a dramatic rescue on Oct. 13th (10 Ajaw). It was an event that, upon close inspection, vividly revealed some of the magic of the numerical forces associated with the Maya Calendar in play. Shortly thereafter I wrote an article titled How Pope John Paul II, the Maya Calendar, and Dec. 21, 2012 connect with the rescue of the Chilean miners. Here is that article, which now has some addendums from the last two years added to it:

It started with the Gregorian date: October 13th, 2010, the day of the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners. Something about those numbers kept rolling around in my head. Since I have been working with the Maya Long Count Calendar for many years I was also aware that in this Maya system the date was 10 Ajaw 13 Yax. Unable to sleep, due to the elation of seeing the miners and their rescuers all safely back on the surface of the earth after their rescue from being trapped half a mile deep into the earth, these numbers kept haunting me. And then I suddenly saw the crossover pattern representing the two dates:What is this saying?

What the numbers represent

This “cross-over” pattern is particularly striking, since it presents a mirror image of key Maya Calendar numbers (13 and 20) surrounded by four 10’s. At first glance one can instantly see the 13 + 20 = 33 parallel between these numbers and the number of miners who were trapped. In addition, one of the most observable “coincidences” can be seen in the fact that it was exactly 33 days from the time “Plan B” began drilling at the Chilean mine site to the day they broke through to the 33 miners.

However, there were many other numerical factors involved here, one of which relates to the number 10. Since the death god is associated with the number 10 in Maya calendrics this cross-over image with the number 10 at each of the four corners may, in some ways, represent the entrapment itself, particularly since it was 40 days (4 x 10) from the time the mine reopened (after an earlier closure) to the day that the Plan B team began drilling to effect the rescue. But I sensed that there is even more to the overall puzzle than this. Firstly, I was already aware that this was a special day in the Maya Calendar because it marked the point at which only 800 days remained until the end of the Maya era, the 5125 year Great Cycle of time. Secondly, I was astonished to see this type of cross-over pattern emerge when the dates from the two systems were positioned in this manner. When combined with an assessment of the meanings associated with this date (from the perspective of the Maya Calendar) the picture becomes even more intriguing.

Deity of the number 10 (Death God) on the left, Ajaw daysign on the right


The nature of the day itself provides important clues with regard to the greater significance of this event. There are 20 basic days in the Maya Calendar and the day known as Ajaw is seen as the 20th day, which is a day that represents “Full Sun”, “Completion” and “Enlightenment”. There are also 13 numbers within this sytem, that combine with the 20 days to make 260 unique combinations, each of which has a distinctive meaning. The number 10 is associated with the idea of being reunited with “Source”, so there is a strong “Completion/Restoration” and “Genesis of new life” aspect to this number. The number 10 in conjunction with the Ajaw daysign, therefore, could be seen as a “double completion” type of energy. There is also a strong spiritual component to Ajaw, as in the idea of “ultimate spiritual authority”. December 21, 2012 (the day of the era completion) falls on a 4 Ajaw day, which is the same energy that was in place when the current Great Cycle of time began in 3114 B.C. This large cycle of just over 5125 years is often “rounded off” to 5200 years when placed in perspective with regard to the 26,000 year precessional cycle which is also seen as coming to completion at this time. If one multiplies the double digit numbers in each of the date lines (ie. 10 x 13 x 20 x 10) the total is 26,000, the same as the number of years in the precessional cycle.

The number 13 that combines with the Maya “month” of Yax (which means “new” or “fresh”) is generally associated with ideas such as Transformation, Evolution, Transcendence, and even Ascension. So the complete meaning statement of the Maya Calendar energies that were in place on October 13, 2010 could be seen as comprising “completion” + “enlightenment” + “transformation or ascension” + “new-ness”.

In checking my data base to see who had been born on 10 Ajaw days I was reminded that Pope John Paul II was born under this influence. Looking further at the dates and numbers related to his life and death, the numbers became even more enticing, particularly since the energy of Ajaw also marked the day of his death (on 5 Ajaw in 2005). His life span had encompassed precisely 31,000 days. The number of days between his death and the day of the rescue of the miners is 2020, reflecting the “20 + 20” diagonal in the cross-over pattern. I had to keep going!

Here are some of the other numbers and correlations that showed up:

Number of Tzolk’in cycles (cycles of 260 days) from the birth of Karol Józef Wojtyla (aka Pope John Paul II) to Oct. 13, 2010 = 127 (for a total of 33,020 days)

Number of days from the birth of Pope John Paul II to Sept. 23, 2010 (20 days before the rescue) = 33,000 (There’s the 33 again!)
33,000 days + 20 = Oct. 13, 2010 + 800 days (to Dec. 21, 2012) = 33,820 days

Number of days from the birth of Pope John Paul II to Dec. 1, 2010 = 130 Tzolk’in cycles (130 x 260 days = 33,800); 20 days later = Dec. 21, 2012 (end of cycle) (total number of days = 33,820)

In addition:

There were 33 miners + 6 rescue workers who went into the mine= 39 (a factor of 13), which required the Phoenix 2 capsule to made 78 trips down and up the rescue shaft. As of Oct. 13, 2010 there were 3 Tzolk’in cycles (3 x 260 = 780) + 20 days remaining until Dec. 21, 2012.

The point in the mine at which the path to the miners was blocked: 1300 ft.

And further:

The number of days from the beginning of the entrapment to the day the ground was broken by the first rescue drill, facilitating a video feed that revealed that all 33 of the miners were alive and in relatively good health = 26 ( a key factor in the 260 day calendar cycle). The number of days between the day the miners signalled that they were alive to the day of rescue = 52 [another key number in the 260 day cycle; this represents 4 trecenas (four 13-day “weeks”), or 1/5 of the cycle]. The number of days from the beginning of the entrapment to the arrival of the Phoenix capsule = 52. (Note how the number 13 and its factors keeps showing up!)

With reference to the 26,000 figure that ties in with the precessional cycle, this figure appears not only through the multiplication sequence noted above (10 x 13 x 20 x 10), but also ties in with the 1300 figure associated with the blockage point (1300 x 20 = 26,000) as well as in the 130 Tzolk’in cycles figure associated with Pope John Paul II (130 x 20 x 10 = 26,000). In addition, if one looks at the numbers in a slightly different way, as in (10 x 13) plus (20 x 10), the total yields 330 (33 x 10), representative of the “33” plus the “death god”. Intriguingly, in Maya mythology this energy often appears in skeletal form and “mocks death” as if to say – “you can’t catch me!”.

Those of the Catholic faith may also have noticed that this rescue occurred precisely 93 years, to the day, after the sixth appearance of the Virgin Mary at Fatima on Oct. 13th, 1917, so here we see another numerical mirroring, this time of the number 39 (33 miners plus 6 rescuers). Even more “coincidental” is the fact that the third appearance of the Virgin at Fatima occurred on a 10 Ajaw day in July of that year, exactly 131 Tzolk’in cycles prior to Oct. 13, 2010. This was precisely four Tzolk’in cycles prior to the birth of Karol Józef Wojtyla on a Maya day known as 10 Ajaw 3 Wo, in a Maya year known as 13 Kab’an, and it was at this time that a “secret” was revealed that seemed to be prophetic with regard to the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981. Further, this 10 Ajaw day of rescue in the Chilean desert took place exactly 45 Tzolk’in cycles plus three days after the death of Pope John Paul I, the “Smiling Pope”, who had served as the Pontiff for only 33 days before his death in 1978.

Within this saga the number three also appears as a factor in many of the key numbers, as in the 33 miners, the 33 day time frame from the day of the cave-in to the day that Plan B team started drilling, the 33 days of drilling, the 33 days of service as Pontiff by Pope John Paul I, and the 33,000 days from the birth of Pope John Paul II to Sept. 23, 2010 (20 days before the rescue). Note also that 9/23/2010 (9 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0) can compress to 17, the number of days the miners were on their own before being discovered. That number compresses to 8, which is the symbol of “rebirth and resurrection” in the Maya calendar. (And again this rescue occurred at the point at which only 800 days remained until the completion of the cycle. The breakthrough of the main rescue shaft also occurred at 8:00 a.m. on Oct. 9th). In addition the number three appears as a factor in the 93/39 mirror image elements noted above, and in the 69 days that the miners spent trapped underground.

In Mesoamerican calendrics the number three is associated with K’ukulcan/ Quetzalcóatl, the great Feathered Serpent deity that was symbolic of Liberation, Freedom, Higher Knowledge, and even the Breath of Life. That same mythological being—the most sacred symbol in ancient Mesoamerican mythology—was representative of the tubular portal between the earth and the heavens, uncannily similar in form to the long sinuous rescue tunnel through which the miners had to pass in order to return to the surface.

Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent

In Mesoamerican mythology Quetzalcóatl’s “twin” is a deity associated with fire and the earth, sometimes represented by the number 9. The miners had to wait 9 more long days in that sweltering hot “underworld” from the time they were found to the time ground was broken on the first of the rescue tubes (the one that delivered the video feed). There were 9 high speed drilling rigs involved in the first phases of the rescue before the three monster drills were in place for the three-pronged rescue operation, with the main shaft being pushed through by a massive three-part interlocking drill head. Intriguingly, the time frame from the election of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera on Jan. 17, 2010 to Oct. 13, 2010 was 269 days, representing one cycle of 260 days plus 9 days more.

In conjunction with all of this, this entire saga took place within a time sequence that was almost an exact re-enactment of deep mythology. Firstly, the mine cave-in that trapped the miners in early August took place within the Kimi trecena (13 day period) which is associated with “Death and Regeneration”. The day that the miners signalled that they were alive was a number 10 day (connected with “Source”/ “Completion/Restoration”) in conjunction with the “signalling” energy of the Maya day known as Lamat. The final five days was a replay of an energy sequence referred to in the Chilam Balam of Chumayel (a late 18th century Yucatec Maya chronicle) that relates the story of how the first month of 20 days was created. The day the main rescue shaft broke through to the miners (on Oct. 9th) was the Maya day known as 6 Kib’, which this ancient chronicle refers to as the day “when the first candle was made and it became light”.

The day before the rescue, when they were setting up and testing the Phoenix capsule, corresponded with the energy of the day which is referred to in this ancient chronicle as the time “when the lower world was first considered” (or as another translator put it, the day “when Hell was first tasted”). Within that chronicle, it was the following day (10 Ajaw, the day of the actual rescue) when “wicked men” had to make that journey to the lower world. (Given that this was a very old colonial manuscript this translation reflects the rather dark “spin” put on some of the interpretations in those days.) Nevertheless, the parallels are quite astonishing, with the main difference being that this time it was not “wicked” men who made that dreadful journey to the deep “underworld”, but extraordinarily skilled, determined, and fearless men who risked their own lives to assist “Los 33” and ensure that they were able to make the journey safely to the surface. In addition, within the Classical system of Maya timekeeping this 10 Ajaw day was seen as a “burner” day, associated with “taking the fire”. Although it is unclear what this means precisely, one might speculate that perhaps it may have something to do with “accepting a challenge”?

Within the context of all of this there were many comments among observers that this event was comparable to a “rebirth”, representing the beginning of new lives for the miners, changes in mining regulations, and so on. And the day after the rescue “just so happened” to be 11 Imix in the Maya Calendar, representative of “inspirational new birth” or “inspirational new world”. The day after that, when most of the miners were released from the hospital, has been described in that ancient chronicle as the day “when the breath of life was created”. It was thought that this energy was so powerful that “there was no death in it”.

All of these parallels, and the extraordinary “coincidences” of the numerical and mythological alignments, begs many questions, such as: What was this really all about? Was it “just” a cave-in and an extraordinary rescue or is this pointing towards some larger agenda? Given that hundreds of millions of people worldwide were watching the rescue, sending heartfelt prayers, and even staying up all night to see miner after miner come to the surface, this was really an unprecedented situation, without doubt one of the most inspirational events ever witnessed en masse, with people around the globe jubilantly celebrating this miraculous “return to life” in Chile’s parched Atacama desert. Given the ominously hot, humid, toxic conditions in the mine, and the lack of adequate food and water, how did these 33 amazing souls manage to survive, overcome anxiety, and emerge in such relatively good health after enduring the longest underground entrapment in human history?

In addition, why did this rescue take place within the context of almost a perfect 24 hr. period on the day 10 Ajaw, on an energy return of the birth of Pope John Paul II, precisely 800 days before the end of a significant Maya era. Why do we have this 13/20 “cross-over” between one way of seeing time and another? Any what about the rather convoluted interconnections between the energy of 10 Ajaw, the two Fatima events, the Chilean mine rescue, and two successive Pontiffs both known as Pope John Paul? The rescue of “Los 33” was a wonder to behold, a brilliant testimony to human tenacity, ingenuity, determination, and courage, as well as—especially on the part of “Los 33”—resilience and fortitude. Overall, a stunning illustration of the reaffirmation of life in a world that had grown weary of strife, terrorism, and the seemingly endless display of abhorrent behavior.


To extend that factor of “10” further along, to 10 Tzolk’in cycles after Oct. 13, 2010, we arrive at 10 Ajaw in November of 2017, 2600 days after that rescue. On that day there were two spectacular volcanic eruptions, with the first being Mount Agung in Bali which sent an eruption plume up to 4 km into the air and caused havoc over the next few days as ash clouds triggered the cancellation of flights, a shut-down of the airport, and the evacuation of over 100,000 people. The second eruption on that same day was Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano which spewed ash up to 8.5 km (28,000 feet).

Then last summer 10 Ajaw prompted the Anak Krakatau (“child of Krakatoa”, the volcano that rose out of the ocean in 1927) volcano to fling lava bombs the size of trucks hundreds of feet into the air. So all this seems to hearken back to that ancient myth about the underworld. It’s as if there is something about this 10 Ajaw energy that like to “bring things up” from the deep dark depths and bring them into light (sometimes even “flinging” them into the world). Let’s not forget, as well, that this is the Maya birth energy of former FBI director James Comey and Michael Cohen, both central “players” in the U.S. political unheavals over the past two years.

So, as we reach 10 Ajaw again in 2019, on April 29th, it will be 12 Tzolk’in cycles since the day of that dramatic 2010 rescue. The world, unfortunately, has grown even darker, with unthinkable upheavals taking place it seems, in every corner of the planet. Massive protest demonstrations testify to the need for change on so many critical levels, with the need to  address the issue of climate change high on the list.

Twelve cycles ago, at the time of the rescue of the miners, a great many people were worried about the “world ending” in 2012, having been frightened by an uninformed media that misrepresented the cycle ending aspect of 2012 as it pertained to the Maya Calendar. Very, very few people, if any, would have had any idea of exquisite interplay of forces that were going on at that time. But it WAS a very, very joyful day on planet Earth – for the miners, the rescuers, and the millions who had been watching the rescue.

So what happens now? Will this current 10 Ajaw bring more things from the underworld into the light? Only time will tell.




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