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Her timing was always exquisite. It was as if she had a built in understanding of the nature of her own energy and her use of that knowledge was breathtaking. Our little Eskie was a wonder-girl when it came to working with the unseen. Even when she first came to us, when she was only 10 weeks old, she knew what the perfect day would be for us to bring her home. In the Mayan Sacred Count of Days that day was 11 Ok – “inspirational (white) dog”. And that is what our little pure white Eskie has always been.

Over the 16 incredible years that she shared with us she had many wonderful adventures but she also faced many challenges. Several times she was “written off” by those who felt that there was nothing else that could be done to help her. And, up until early January of this year, she/we have always found a way to overcome whatever the issue happened to be.

Our Eskie energy expert

Within the context of this I carefully kept track of the energies that she was working with, and discovered how succinctly in touch she was with the energies of the days, and how aligned key events were in terms of her own personal energy cycle. It was stunning to see how she was able to do that.

During the second half of her life she led us from the arena of standard veterinary practices to the arena of alternatives, taking us into areas of healing that we had never previously investigated. She showed us how responsive she was to homeopathy, to herbs, to acupuncture, to acupressure, and to the use of energy itself. She taught me to pay very close attention to her diet. She communicated in many different ways and was the greatest teacher ever!

As it was becoming evident that she was preparing to leave this plane of existence I looked at the calendar (several weeks beforehand) and had a sense of what the day might “likely” be, if she decided to leave. The last few weeks were extremely difficult as it became clear that her beautiful little body might not be able to continue containing her vibrant spirit and powerful soul.

As much as she wanted to stay, she finally had to make her departure on the second day of this year. An excruciatingly difficult day for us! But as I look back at the calendar that exquisite sense of timing that she had always shown was in play even then. Her departure took place on exactly the day that, weeks earlier, I had suspected might become her “exit day”. I can only say that she was definitely more intuitively in tune with this sacred cycle than most people are.

Over the years as I have watched her, worked with her, tracked her activities, and noted her extraordinary abilities, I also noted key dates in our own lives and in the lives of many others.  As I did this the concept of personal energy cycles within this system “came alive” and I became more and more aware of the significance of this within people’s lives.

As this is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar I want to pay tribute to her by offering a “Sacred Energy Tracking” service to those who might want to explore this for themselves. This would require some foundational work, of course, to gain familiarity with the calendar, but with that in hand, awareness of how the energies are working within specific lives can be addressed. See our “Readings and Coaching” section for further information.

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