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Pa-K’in: “To choose the day”

Working with the Maya Calendar provides opportunities to explore personal energies in many different ways. As astute observers of the energies of life, the ancient developers of this calendar were able to encode their observations into a system that could not only record the passage of time and history but could be used as a tool to help individuals to understand their purpose and direction in life. Unlocking the energy layers associated with any given day (such as a birth day, anniversary, or any other special day) can reveal the nature of the energies in question, thereby helping to reveal (in the case of a birth energy) personal characteristics, propensities, destiny directions, and often untapped potential. As a profound tool that can help people to identify their “soul’s code”, this is a means through which individuals can gain considerable insight into “who they are”, “why they are here”, “what their life purpose might be”, and “where they are” at any given point in time.

There are a variety of ways in which to approach the exploration of a personal “code” as it relates to a birth energy. This can range from a simple translation of the energy of a birth date, to the unwrapping of the many layers of meaning associated with that same date through the Long Count which places the birth energy into its deeper context. Extensions to this include explorations of the ways in which these foundational energies are (or have been) influencing one’s decision making and lifepath directions, the identification of supportive energies, the personal cycling of energies and the influence of this cycling on different phases on life, and explorations of the dynamics of relationships (as in partnerships, families, or other groups). Energies associated with other special days such as weddings or commemorations can also be explored.

As there are many different ways to approach this exploration, the easiest thing would be to contact us at to discuss options if you would like something suited to your specific interests. Options include the following but can include other personal variations:

–  A one page “sketch”, includes description and hieroglyph of the Maya Calendar energy of a date (ie. a birth date, a wedding date, or other special day) $15

–  Full in-depth birth charts and readings, based on the Long Count – includes written descriptions and related visual information on the key elements of any given date, plus a 90 min. reading (in person or by phone). Emphasis is placed on the nature of the energies, their personal uniqueness, and their implications with regard to lifepath and career directions, decision making, and relationships (see below for several options as to why you might want an in-depth reading). $275

–  Relationship readings – multiple variations

–  Personal energy grid – an overview of key “support” energies that can be influential in one’s life. The date of birth is the starting point for determining the nature of this grid. This personalized grid often sheds considerable light on the nature of relationships, such as family relationships, partnerships, and even career associates. A starting point “thumbnail sketch” of the starting point energy is included. $55

–  Daykeeping package (the essential tools for doing your own translations) – includes a sample “sketch” translation of a given date, a personal energy grid, a book, and a short “how to” tutoring session $160 (Extended tutoring also available – see below for contact information for inquiries)

–  Personalized energy tracking (various approaches)


Coaching, counselling, tutorials, workshops:

–  Lifepath coaching: Designed to help you assess your strengths and potentialities, based on the energies of the charts, and provide guidance in helping you to achieve your potential in alignment with these possibilities. Initial session includes a full indepth reading; follow up sessions continue the discussion by focusing on applications and implications relating to how to work with these energies within daily life, with emphasis on personal directions and the achievement of goals.

–  Personal, career, and relationship counselling based on personal Maya energy codes.

–  Personal Long Count tutorials and group workshops designed to suit interests.

Please contact us at for inquiries related to costs and other questions related to any of the above.



Why you might be interested in a reading, personal coaching, or tutorials:

–  You would like to look at your life from an energy-based perspective, and not just as a series of random events.

–  You would like to gain more perspective on what has been happening both personally and in the world around you.

–  You have some important decisions to make and want to be able to make these decisions in a highly conscious manner.

–  Many aspects of your life are changing or evolving and you want to be more in harmony with what is happening.

–  You want to understand the broad scope of energies that were in play on the day of your birth, to gain insight into the full range of energies that came together to “encode” you at the time of your birth. You want to explore how this scope of energies has influenced your life, your decisions, and your relationships.

–  You want to know how the connections between these energies and your thoughts, actions, and experiences continue to influence your life, and how they provide clues to your destiny direction.

–  You are interested in seeing how EVERYTHING is connected and influenced by these energies, including family relationships and dynamics, business relationships, and even world events.

Other reasons why you might like a reading:

–  You have a new child or grandchild and you want to know who this child is energetically so that you can encourage this child along his/her life path in alignment with (or complementary to) the birth energy.

–  You are in a new relationship and want to know how well the energies will work together.

–  You are in a new career or have joined forces with a new group of people and want insight into the energy dynamics.

–  You are intrigued by this field of interest and you’d like to learn more about it.

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