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What is Art to you? For many Art conjures up images of paintings, drawings, architecture, sculpture, and other creative objects. For others the first thought might be music, dance, or wordcraft.

The arts involve inventiveness, craftsmanship, ingenuity, virtuosity, and imagination, and can take many different forms, and incorporate many diverse skills.

Among those arts that reflect unprecedented mastery are those that have lain hidden for centuries deep in the jungles of Mesoamerica – the arts of the stonemasons, sculptors, painters, scholars, astronomers, and timekeeping specialists of the ancient Maya world. These are the arts that have inspired this website.

For general information on The Maya Calendar please see our Maya Calendrics page. For information on how this calendar ties in with daily life and world events please see our Horoscope Blog.  Please see our Podcast section for related podcasts.

For an introduction to more personalized applications, including the significance of Birth energies, and options for Readings and Coaching aligned with personal energy signatures and related energy patterns aligned with the Maya calendar please see our MCA Blog. The Personalized Artworks and Jewelry sections of this site include examples of various ways in which these kinds of energies can be celebrated artistically either as personal talismans or as unique visual expressions of the nature of personal energies.

Maya scribal arts include highly unique hieroglyphic writing, vase paintings, and sculptural inscriptions.



  • Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life

    Manual for the Soul, A Guide to the Energies of LifeAn in-depth analysis of the energies encoded in the Sacred Maya Calendar and the impact of those energies on daily life. Click here for more info.

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