As noted in the Welcome section to Maya Calendar Arts, this site and our companion site are oriented around the Maya Calendar and its related arts, with an emphasis on how the energies of this calendar tie in with world events and personal lives. Decades worth of research and observation provide the foundation for information.

As an art educator who was involved for many years in building foundations for multicultural arts education in British Columbia and the UK, and then teaching graduate level courses in this field in both Canada and the U.S., it was always evident that working with the arts can be life changing, as the arts can help people to express themselves in unique and profound ways.

As my research into the world’s cultural expressions expanded into the realm of Mesoamerican art and mythology, which ties in directly with the Mayan calendar and other Mesoamerican calendrical systems, it quickly became evident that these ancient cultures had developed one of the most extraordinary hieroglyphic languages the world had even known, and that their system of tracking time and working with energies was highly specific and astonishingly accurate. Moreover, their visual expressions of the meanings imbedded in these ideas were astonishingly varied and highly sophisticated. However, for centuries much was lost deep in the Central American jungles, forgotten and ignored. And yet . . . . still potent, still powerful, waiting to be rediscovered.

Fortunately, the last few decades have seen a resurgence of interest in this field as discoveries are made and as new technologies such as Lidar are revealing that there are vast areas buried deep within jungles that hold a wealth of information pertaining to pre-Columbian civilizations.

As exploration continues, considerable insight into ancient histories are being unearthed and many beautiful and enigmatic works of art are being discovered. As these works are revealed and examined the hieroglyphic and calendrical information that is so often incorporated into the facades of buildings or painted on works of art are revealing much about the nature of the people who lived in those realms.

It is this written aspect of the ancient world that I have found to be highly intriguing. The Mayan calendar, in particular, is endlessly fascinating, as it not only encodes the cycling of energies tied in with heavenly bodies (the sun in particular) but also reveals how these energies connect with personal lives and world events, both ancient and current.

If YOU, dear reader, have an interest in this area; if you would like to know “who you are” energetically, through the lens of this system; if you would like to explore the impact of these energies on your life and your “destiny direction” there are various avenues available here to assist you in this quest.

You might want to begin by perusing the posts on the topics of Birth dates and their connection to the Maya Count of Days, or the information on “Soul Exploration arts” in the Readings section. If you would like to follow along with the energies of the days to familiarize youself with how the cycling of the energies ties in with world events and daily life, the Horoscope blog might be of interest. Feel free contact us if you wish to receive automatic updates to this every 13 days, or just signup via the “Subscribe” form. And, of course, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Marguerite Paquin, BEd, MA, PhD