Welcome to the Maya Calendar Arts blog. As noted on our Home page, various kinds of arts associated with the Maya calendar are featured in this blog, with one of the most important being Soul Exploration Arts – the arts associated with personal identity, as they relate to the energies encoded within the calendar, and the arts associated with the cycling of those energies and how they affect personal lives and destiny directions.

Within this blog we will look at the energies associated with birth dates and other special days from an artistic perspective. Within this system each day within the 260 day Count of Days encompasses a unique energy, that can be depicted in a variety of ways. Click here for a discussion of birth dates within this cycle. One brief example is given below. Various options are available for anyone interested in ordering one of these unique portraits for a birthday, anniversary or other special day. We also offer Readings and Coaching, unique jewelry and other personalized artworks associated with this energy system. Please contact us for further information.

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It seems fitting to feature the Maya daysign known as One Kimi in this introductory post for Maya Calendar Arts as this begins an energy sequence that marks the end of the old year (2016) and the beginning of the new.  As it happens I have just completed an image of this very energy (shown below), to illustrate one way in which any given day can be represented by a Maya deity (associated with a number) working together with a specific daysign energy. Most of the time such concepts are shown in abstract forms, but this “portrait” more clearly depicts the nature of the number and image associated with this particular day’s energy.

A portrait of One Kimi, showing the Moon Goddess (representative of the Number One) with the Kimi daysign. Limited Edition Giclee print by Marguerite Paquin. An example of the daysign portraits that can be special ordered through Maya Calendar Arts.

This is the birth energy of  Frederick Catherwood, born on a One Kimi day in  1799, the talented artist who accompanied the explorer/writer John Lloyd Stephens on his lengthy explorations of Central America, Chiapas, and the Yucatan in the early 19th century. Catherwood’s exquisite drawings of ancient Maya ruins, published along with Stephens’ tales of their journeys to the lands of the Maya, helped to inform the world of the existence of this once-great realm. His detailed drawings helped to lay the foundations for archaeological  exploration in this region. With One Kimi being an “initiating” energy associated with “Source” (ie. a “setting the foundations” type of energy) Catherwood’s birth energy is reflected quite clearly in his work and in the amazing contributions he made in terms of initiating the world’s interest in this realm.

Las Monjas, Chichen Itza by Frederick Catherwood, 19th century artist born on One Kimi.

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