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One Kimi portrait

By Marguerite Paquin | Published December 25, 2016 | Full size is 468 × 390 pixels

Catherwood, Las Monjas, Chichen Itza

An example of a daysign “portrait” – in this case One Kimi, showing the Moon Goddess (representative of the Number One) with the Kimi daysign. As there are 13 different numbers and 20 different days within the Tzolk’in, there are 260 possibilities as to how any specific day could be depicted from the perspective of the Maya calendar and Maya mythology. And this isn’t all. As many other elements combine to represent any given day an even fuller portrait could be developed with the addition of these. Limited Edition Giclee print by Marguerite Paquin. This is one example of the kind of daysign portraits that can be special ordered through Maya Calendar Arts.

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