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How Sacred Mesoamerican Calendrics Reveal Patterns of Destiny

An in-depth analysis of the energies encoded by the Sacred Maya Calendar and the impact of those energies on daily life. Includes hundreds of major world events and biographical notations that reveal the mysterious links between solar energies and personal and planetary destinies.

Hardcover with dustjacket. 744 pages.
Trim size: 7 x 10
White Pup Press, 2009
ISBN 978-0-9812677-0-0



Features of the Book

Manual for the Soul is divided into four main sections.

Part One includes:

  • chapters that highlight the workings of Mesoamerican calendrics, with emphasis on the Mayan Long Count and its connections to soul and destiny
  • Mesoamerican mythology and cosmology, including principal deities that function as calendar patrons
  • numerical powers and their role in Mayan calendrics, with emphasis on their influence with regard to world events and personal destinies

Part Two encompasses 20 chapters that provide an extensive analysis of the basic day signs in the Mayan Tzolk’in (Count of Days). These 20 chapters includes descriptions of mythological foundations, as well as overviews of historical and personal manifestations of each of the energies.

Part Three includes an overview of the energy themes associated with the trecenas (cycles of 13 days) including examples of historical events that have occurred within each cycle and examples of people born within each cycle.

The back section includes:

  • a glossary of Mesoamerican timekeeping terms
  • a date decoder
  • a bibliography
  • extensive indices (biographical, historical, general) as well as an index of birth dates

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