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Word Glyphs

The hieroglyphic language of the Classic Maya is a fascinating compilation of both the pictographic and abstract. Many words stand alone as single concepts, and others are put together like mini jigsaw puzzles.

Currently we have two hieroglyphs available in sterling silver. One is the Maya word for “Fire Lord”, which, in the modern world might be suitable for a fireman, a fire keeper of some kind, or even perhaps someone who works with fireplaces or who does a lot of work with lighting or candles. The other is the Maya word for Artist or “Sage” (Wise One, or Knowledge Keeper).

If you have a word or concept that you would like to have created in hieroglyphic form in sterling silver (or otherwise) please contact us. As noted in the other sections we also create custom daysigns. Click here for a Date Decoder to find the Maya Calendar equivalent to your date of birth.



Word Glyph Pendants