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Men (Eagle)



Within the Maya Tzolk’in (Sacred Count of Days) the daysign known as Men represents the high-flying, far-seeing energy of the Eagle. As the emblem of the mid-day sun and elevated spiritual power, Men is thought to be the main Nahual (animal representative) of the sun, signifying supremacy and wisdom. The hieroglyph for this daysign often depicts the face of the aged Moon Goddess because of her role as “First Mother”, consort of the sun.

Our jewelry items that are representative of Men include one-of-a-kind porcelain pendants, some strung on cord, some beaded, some silver-backed, and some multi-fired with lustres. “Monumental” style items are those with the little “feet”. “Codex” style items are those without the “feet”. Sterling silver pendants are also available, along with personalized pieces. Click here for a Date Decoder to find the Maya Calendar equivalent to your date of birth.



Corded Porcelain Pendants


Beaded Porcelain Pendants


Special Edition


Sterling Silver Daysigns

*Please contact us if you would like to order this with something other than what is shown (eg. One Men, Two Men, Three Men, etc.)