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Ak’b’al (Temple)

Temple of Inscriptions, Palenque. Peter Andersen photo. [CC 3.0 Wikimedia Commons]

Within the Maya Tzolk’in (Sacred Count of Days) the daysign known as Ak’b’al is representative of the Sacred Temple that contains “interior wisdom”, often associated with the earth and its sacred mysteries. This energy is symbolized by the Temple (or “dreaming place”), the Jaguar (the guardian of the temple’s abundance), and the Night Sky (particularly the North Star – the “Heart of Heaven”). The connection with the North Star reflects Ak’b’al’s association with the First Three Stone Place, the centre of creation. This sacred location is also represented by the three hearthstones commonly found in the cooking area of a traditional Maya home, the “centre” of domestic life. For this reason Ak’b’al is often associated with the idea of Sanctuary, as in a temple or even a home-based sanctuary where the soul can rest and engage in contemplation. This daysign was also seen as containing the power of abundance, reflecting an ability to access deep inner resources. It also represents the light just before dawn, that holds tremendous potential.

Our jewelry items that are representative of Ak’b’al include one-of-a-kind porcelain pendants, some strung on cord, some beaded, some silverbacked, and some multi-fired with lustres. “Monumental” style items are those with the little “feet”. “Codex” style items are those without the “feet”. Sterling silver pendants are also available, along with personalized pendants. Click here for a Date Decoder to find the Maya Calendar equivalent to your date of birth.


Corded Porcelain Pendants


Beaded Porcelain Pendants


Special Edition


Sterling Silver Daysigns

*Please contact us if you would like to order this with something other than what is shown (eg. as a personalized  One Ak’b’al, Two Ak’b’al, Three Ak’b’al, etc. – see Ik’ section for an example)