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Maya Calendar Arts is designed to provide complementary information and services stemming from Manual for the Soul, as described on the White Pup Press site and the related Horoscope Blog. These complementary components include a secondary blog (termed MCA Blog), which includes information specific to Arts such as visual arts and imagery associated with Maya culture and the Mayan calendar, and arts that we have termed “Soul Exploration arts” that focus on various ways in which calendrical energies have the potential to tie in with personal lives.

The information that provides the foundation for these arts is drawn from a vast range of source material, including centuries old manuscripts, teachings of specialists in the field (including archaeologists, epigraphers, mythologists, and Maya daykeepers), as well as deep and wide ranging archaeological discoveries and findings that are part of an evolving field of research. These provide the foundations for Readings and Coaching, as well as for all personalized artworks provided through this site. Although these are the general sources, all specific products and services provided in this site are the products of Maya Calendar Arts and not third-parties. Unless stated otherwise (as in the crediting of outside sources for imagery or intellectual content), all specific information provided on this site is copyrighted under Canadian law as per the date of posting and is the property of Maya Calendar Arts. All rights are reserved.

Readings and Coaching:  The Readings and Coaching described on this site are provided by Dr. Marguerite Paquin, based on decades worth of investigation and observation in this field. Various reasons for purchasing a reading are described on our Readings and Coaching page, along with various options pertaining to the nature of the information or services you may wish to purchase. Contact information is provided there if you have any inquiries or if you wish to set up an appointment for any particular services. A non refundable deposit will be required for a full birth chart. All readings are strictly confidential.

MCA Blog and Personalized Arts:  The purpose of the MCA blog component of this site is to provide further information about the arts associated with personal identity from the perspective of the Maya Calendar, and to provide information in general that could extend the reader’s awareness of the arts and cultures of Mesoamerica. The Personalized Artworks and Jewelry provided through this site are the products of Maya Calendar Arts and not third-parties. If you wish to order a custom art work or a custom piece of jewelry a deposit will be required, with conditions to be negotiated at the time of order. All sales for jewelry and art work are final.

Disclaimer:  The information provided on this site is “As Is” and “As Available”. The MCA blog is provided as a courtesy and occasionally contains links to third-party websites that are not controlled by Maya Calendar Arts. You have the right to decide whether or not to follow such links. If you do so Maya Calendar Arts is not responsible for any liabilities incurred due to your decision to follow such third-party links.

With regard to Readings and Coaching, refunds will not be provided for services rendered, as a considerable amount of time is spent in preparations for readings and for the actual provision of such. Information provided is drawn on a wide array of source material which is then interpreted to fit the unique inquiries of the purchaser. Every reading is unique, and all related information that may be purchased (such as charts or energy tracking services) is designed to add depth, deeper meaning and extended value to the recipient’s understanding and knowledge base. How the purchaser chooses to apply this informatiom is up to the purchaser, as Maya Calendar Arts does not accept liability or responsibility for the use of such.

Privacy Policy

This site is both information-oriented and well as purchase-oriented, and therefore there are times when information is collected from people who visit our site. If you sign up to receive our MCA Blog updates your name and email address are stored with our MailChimp affiliate which has its own Privacy Policy and Terms and uses state of the art software to secure your data. If you purchase jewelry or artwork or services your payment will be processed through PayPal which has its own Privacy Policy and Terms and which uses state of the art software to secure your data when you use payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. If you have any questions about these we recommend that you check their sites to read these policies. If you prefer a different payment method please contact us, or if (for whatever reason) you have difficulty receiving the MCA Blog delivery via Mailchimp please let us know and we can use a more direct method.

If you contact us directly through our Contact Page we ask for certain information (such as your name and email address, and optional website) that will allow us to communicate with you directly. If we ship goods to you we will also need your address, which will not be shared with anyone except the shipper. If you tell us that you would like to receive updates about our postings these will be automatically sent to you. You may withdraw your consent at any time either by Unsubscribing directly on the form where applicable or by emailing us through our Contact page or via mayacal@telus.net

Being a WordPress website, this site includes features such as opt-in forms and contact forms, which are compliant with regulations. This includes the use of cookies, or small bits of code that are stored on a user’s browser during a visit to the website in order to facilitate communication and ease of use. You have the right to set your browser to warn you whenever cookies are being used or you can reset your browser to refuse their use.

Your privacy is important to us. Any personal information you may provide is contained behind secured networks and any information you provide is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Your data will not be sold, traded, or otherwise transferred to outside parties above and beyond what is specified in this notice in order to serve you. Personal information would only be disclosed if required by law.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy and these terms at any time. Any updates to this policy and its terms will be highlighted on this page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Latest update: Sept. 24, 2019