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Although a considerable amount of information is available relating to Maya art and calendrics and the evolving realm of hieroglyphic decipherment, for many people it has been a challenge to identify which correlation to use for date decipherment. Please see our Maya Calendrics page for some basic guidelines in this regard.

The Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies (FAMSI) provides a vast amount of information pertaining to the Maya, including Justin Kerr’s wonderful Maya Vase Database of rollout images.

See Saq’ Be’ (The Organization for Maya and Indigenous Spiritual Studies) for information on the Guatemalan Mayan Cholq’ij Calendar.

Some fascinating Maya Research Meetings (lectures, workshops, and research seminars for beginners and advanced scholars) are held each year at the University of Texas at Austin, and at the Middle American Research Institute at Tulane University in New Orleans.


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    Manual for the Soul, A Guide to the Energies of LifeAn in-depth analysis of the energies encoded in the Sacred Maya Calendar and the impact of those energies on daily life. Click here for more info.

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